I read recently on phoronix. Virtual size is x pitch but screen stays black I noted that pll parameters are identical from first installation, but I did’nt find how to compute it, how to force them to a different value and how to insert them in xorg. Comment 9 Stephen John Smoogen The choice is in your hands. I installed Envy and it couldn’t identify the correct driver. The box is wedging real hard and I cant see what is causing it.. The bugfix for that bug will be available soon.

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r128(4) – Linux man page

I just installed kubuntu 8. Because that’s what the card is based on, probably.

I am going to see if I can bring it in so someone at RH can put a serial console to it. Installing in Safe Graphics Mode the system loads but the correct screen resolution cannot be enabled by me.

Vlad Original Message From: Have someone else removed them because they thought they were irrelevant? Hi Jason and all others.

Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_DRM_R ATI Rage

Please help me verify that I have found the right bug there so rag can make a linkage etc. You can find the latest image at http: When Intrepid Ibex Alpha 4 was installed with Wubi several errors appeared during boot up if this is the result of the unstable Alpha 4 or the physical Linkx I don’t know. We may have diffrent views on whats important or not but changing in someones bug report makes that person feel that the bug report wasn’t good enough and since the comment function exis I feel raeg it is equaly important to use it.


Otherwise, we’ll close this as expired. Description Stephen John Smoogen I have the same problem on my inspiron running Ubuntu 9.

CONFIG_DRM_R128: ATI Rage 128

Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free. Option “PanelHeight” “” and [ Comment 3 Stephen John Smoogen I’ve decided only to test versions of ubuntu either betas RCs or final releases and only once per realese. I have found is that even though I said in Xconfigurator that my inspirons LCD was Generic x, X starts up and says it doesnt know what that is and goes to x I’ve got an identical machine that I wanted to load Ubuntu onto – and had the same issue.

I wonder if it will work? I would imagine a driver would solve the problem; please do explain how to install, if there is such. I found this google link which fixed the problem: If you have any suggestions or if I can be of any help, I would be happy to help solve this issue.


[ubuntu] Install ATI Rage Mobility M4 Drivers in

Its great to see that someone from time to time are looking at the bug though. Having trouble installing a piece of hardware?

Youssef, if you’re not using -ati, then you don’t have this bug. If you prefer to rant on about unrelated issues, or complain about the way we fix bugs, well I have many many more pleasantly written bug reports I’d rather spend my time on.

About the pictures I’ve uploaded some already.

The redhat ati driver really interests me, though. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.

Desktop is in the displays native resolution and you can remove the external display without anything happening as long as you dont log out and in again. This has been a real bugaboo! I linjx hear the starting sound but black screen So I don’t know where to look forward from here!

Just installed on Inspiron