Notice the difference of the outline of lint mark by the “No trespassing” sign. Great experience This scanner is awesome. Kodak BCN c41 scans really well also. The results from the SilverFast product are exceptional. However, you will have to manually reposition for each frame rather than being able to feed 6 at a time. It’s been easy to scan the negatives to approximate the look of my prints from TMX – well, other than the artful dodging, burning, etc. Our easy to understand movies explain everything in detail.

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I haven’t tried from a newer system.

Nikon CoolScan IV ED Photo, Slide & Film Scanner | eBay

I have an professional Epson flatbed with slide and film holder. Those that did were quick and easy to correct. I did prefix my first comment with “based on using only the vendor SW”. We had a little trouble collscan started because the free Nikon software had no Windows 7 64bit driver that we could find.

Nikon Coolscan IV still worthy?

You must log in or sign up to reply here. I can fully coolsvan the amount of care and devotion that goes in to the SilverFast products. I see that I have two options, buying a bottom rung scanner ie http: Here is one from 35mm trix scanned with a v at ppi.


Thanks for the good advice guys. The results from the SilverFast product are exceptional. They’re not even anywhere near the quality of a new Epson flatbed.

To me it’s similar to the difference between a condenser and diffuser on an enlarger. In fact, I’ve gotten better results scanning TMY pushed to coolsdan, I know than trying to enlarge those ghostly thin negs conventionally.

TMY scans pretty well too, even when I’ve pushed the dickens out of the stuff. Has throughput time reduced significantly? On the other hand, some of those types are pretty inexpensive so it might be worth the risk. Vuscan works good, but not great.

The highly collimated light source will outline every dust particle and surface defect. I’m keeping the v though for the day i get my mamiya RZ or a fuji 6×9. Maybe I’m just a slob. I have a number of archival images that I love to scan from film to digital. Nikon Coolscan IV still worthy? Ig simplistic comparison set of color comparison images: The tools for automatic corrections are working properly and contribute to better imaging results. And, again, no problems with cooolscan grain.


System Requirements SilverFast 8. Supported Operating Systems Supported Features. So, now we are left with purchasing old years products that are no longer supported and subject to not being able to obtain software or repair on failed products.

Most relevant reviews See all 11 reviews. The Nikon does give a little more detail in the center but the sharpness also falls off to the edges that’s because of the flatness advantage from the AN glass I use with the Epson. SilverFast 8 supports Photoshop Elements 8 to In any event, to obtain an doolscan scan, I still have to work on it with coolsczn software. Older SA is not intended by Nikon for this device, thus is not supported.

That’s a lot from half-frame 35mm.