There are plenty of JP1. However in some cases the connector may be mislabeled. The cable is a 6 pin female at one end and USB at the other. Interface 1 plugs into the converter. This page has been accessed 14, times. Yep, still the only driver that works downloads.

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I assume they are talking about the remote. The driver in doctorwizz’s post worked. The first JP1 remotes had the same interface.

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Display posts from previous: I don’t remember when the JP1. It looks like the user has a very old version of IR. Most JP1 declom are hand made.

Is there there a place where I can specify the cable? If you don’t see that radio button, selcom you are not using the most current version of IR so you need to go get it. The cable is a 6 pin female at one end and USB at the other.


Thu Apr 26, 8: Would you please give me some ideas of other things to check? Communication with the remote’s micro employs a serial protocol similar to the ubiquitous RS Flash pj1 are either JP1. However if it says JP1. UEI is the maker of all JP1 remotes. These remotes have a 6-pin connector or a space for 6-pin connector on the circuit board.

But over the years, new types of JP1 remotes have been introduced which require different interfaces, the latest being USB. We have always called these JP1 remotes because that was the original designation of the 6-pin connector marked on the PCB.

How to connect the USB JP1 cable to your computer

Some remotes have additional constraints related ip1 the JP1 pins that require special consideration. Thu Apr 26, Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page. There are many different interface designs. The serial interfaces are compatible with serial ports and with USB to Serial adapters. There are several versions available with which users have varying degrees of success.


JP1/1.1/1.2/1.3 Related Downloads

Sat Apr 30, 8: Thu Feb 05, 5: They change the way they build remotes every so often such that they require a different type of interface. A USB to Serial converter with additional interface electronics to the 6-pin. There are currently two basic types of JP1 interfaces: Furthermore, I wouldn’t just copy the files to the windows system deelcom.

If I check np1 and check ok the response is ‘The interface does not appear to have power”. Don’t know of any place that I have told the system what cable I have.

Sorry to be so thick here, but I still do not understand. This gives Code 10 device cannot start.