Javascript disabled Please enable Javascript support in your browser to use this application. Extended transcripts were found to be derived from significantly more paused promoters than any of the control groups, including neural-specific but nonextended genes. Human Disease Model Data. Refer to Table 1 for sequences. These regulatory proteins, along with other proteins that they either recruit or are in complex with, recognize specific enhancer sequences in the pre-mRNA to mediate specific splicing events Black The template vectors were linearized with Xba I before transcription. Gene Ontology 12 terms.

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Protein elav Alternative name s: An antibody specifically recognizing the neural-specific Nrg also recognizes a protein in the D.

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Dougherty for help with graphics. Gene Ontology 12 terms. Mosaic analysis of elav 1 suggests both directly induced defects in optic lobe development, as well as inductively caused CNS defects mediated through expression of this mutation in the eye i. Embryonic lethal abnormal vision, isoform D.

The head-enriched transcript encoding the kDa protein results from inclusion of exon D and exclusion of exons E and I. For example, argonaute1 ago1 produces multiple APA isoforms driven from three different promoters. Note that controls 2 and 3 show only the endogenous staining, but in the CNV flies after heat shock, brain, antennae, retina, and the thoracic ganglion also stain.


The sequence of this isoform differs from the canonical sequence as follows: Additionally, splicing of introns 3a, 3c, and 6 is inefficient, since these introns are retained in polyadenylated EWG RNA Koushika, In 1 elav 4. Genevisible i P DM.

Protein elav

Although the Drosophila erect wing ewg gene is broadly transcribed in adults, an unusual posttranscriptional regulation involving alternative and inefficient splicing generates a kDa Ewg protein in neurons, while protein expression elsewhere or of other isoforms is below detection drosophiila this stage.

To submit a correction to a gene model please use the Contact FlyBase form.

X-gal staining in the developing eye disc is coincident with the photoreceptor neuron field behind the morphogenetic furrow Fig. Reactome – An open-source, open access, manually curated and peer-reviewed pathway database. The transcribed RNA was gel isolated and eluted with standard procedures. Danio rerio Zebrafish 6.

Even with these differences in properties, the current evidence suggest that the u-Arm is sufficient to provide the n-Arm function. Classical and Insertion Alleles Drosophila melanogaster ELAV, the first identified member of the ELAV family, is specifically expressed in all neurons and has a predominantly nuclear localization Robinow and White; Yannoni and White These regulatory proteins, along with other proteins that they either recruit or are in complex with, recognize specific enhancer sequences in the pre-mRNA to mediate specific splicing events Black Embryonic lethal abnormal visual protein.


Whole-mount embryos show periodic interruptions in the longitudinal connectives of the CNS and missing commissures especially the posterior ones. Analysis of Ewg expression elicited from intron-containing genomic transgenes and flav minitransgenes in Elav-deficient eye discs shows that this regulation is dependent on the presence of ewg introns. Terms Based on Predictions or Assertions 2 terms.

WikiGenes – elav – embryonic lethal abnormal vision

FlyMine – An integrated database for Drosophila genomics. Gene Model and Products. Arrow indicates the ELAV cross-linking signal. Nova-1 binds in vitro to these pre-mRNAs in a sequence-specific manner Buckanovich et al. Additionally, Elav promotes a neuron-enriched splice isoform of Drosophila armadillo transcript. Pol II binding is highly enriched in the promoter regions of extended genes, which is consistent with earlier evidence that such genes tend to contain paused Pol II.

Synonyms and Secondary IDs Previous Section Next Section. It is therefore xrosophila that additional sequence elements, for example, in extended 3′ UTRs, are essential for recruitment.

Experimentally Determined Cytological Location.